Monday, June 8, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Cain/Maximum Oversatan (Split) "Unholy Triumvirate" 7"

Right, prepare thyself for some Over-the-top Metal Madness!!!!

NOTE: Only gritty shitty photos are real!! Hi-res, FOAD!!!!

Upstate NY's upstarts Cain blast off the split with a hooky riff and some mid-paced double kick until the song shifts into overdrive with some galloping kicks and tough riffing in the track "Genocide," complete with solo!

"Necronomicon" in an apparently 'edited' version, is a fast thrasher that takes a darker twist, almost fast enough to warrant a grind moniker. Definitely cool enough to warrant the Cain moniker.

I've seen these guys live twice, they're a really fun, it'd wager any Tankard album that the whole band'd love to die with a beer in hand. Catch 'em live if you can!

NEXT UP is NJ conglomerate Maximum Oversatan (featuring current and ex-members of powerhouse and personal favorite, Sacrificial Blood), who are clearly too evil for Hell (or even the A-side). A Venom/Motorhead/Piledriver type over-the-top Speed machine of unspeakable dirt and filth, MO start their side off with "Die By The Saw" perhaps letting their Sodom influences rot through. A slow-pumper for your fist, I just can't help but rally behind their call for METAL. Excellent lo-fi production endears this gem of poseur-crushing Heavy Metal until Hell that is too cold for evil.

Appropriately, MO finishes their side with a cover of spoof Heavy Metal band Bad News' "Warriors Of Ghengis Khan."

What are Maximum Oversatan like live? Well I've seen 'em once and could attempt to provide grisly details, but I think this video tells all you need to know.

As an aside, this is the first vinyl release by previously cassette-only label Contaminated Tones Productions who specialize in cool demos and live shows. I've ordered from them thrice now, and each transaction has been smooth as butter. I appreciate that this order (of only one 7" record) came in a HUGE box.  The box is at least 5" deep. Packaging as ridiculous as the bands they promote, check them out!

*Review and photos copyright The Samnambulist, 2015*

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