Sunday, June 21, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Coffins- "Perpetual Penance" (Compilation)

Firstly, as the title of the post suggests, this is a compilation of previously released Coffins material. Mostly this consists of vinyl splits.

The first 100 orders for the 2 CD album also came with a free coffin keychain, though it contains no logos or indicators of the band (in fact appears to be a bulk ordered trinket item) it is still pretty cool. It'll be even cooler when I figure out what I'm going to put in it; it's hollow and has a pop out spoon thing that appears to be for snuff (or coke?). 

Right, so content time. What songs are on this compilation? This is the first collection to include any of the following tracks together:

1-3 from "Colossal Hole" demo cassette. These are early versions of tracks on "Fleshland" which were later re-issued on a 10" vinyl with barf bag and fake tickets by HPGD. My copy got signed by Coffins at MDF 2013!

4-5 from split with Noothgrush which was available on vinyl and CD

6 from July 2012 issue of Decibel magazine, released as a flexi 7"

7 from split with Macabra 7" vinyl. HPGD released this also with a cool pin and poster set. Very limited quantities, good luck finding the original press!

8 from split with Sourvein, which I got signed at MDF 2013. In an interesting turn of fate, Sourvein played before Coffins on the same stage, same night. It was like watching the split live!

1 from split with Warhammer

2 from split with Disgrace

3 from split with Hooded Menace

4-5 from split with Stormcrow

6-7 from "Live in Japan 2013"

8 is another live track, from Czech Republic in 2013. I don't believe this track was previously released.

Overall, a great compilation, there's some excellent tracks here, my favorite being the demo version of "Hellbringer." The artwork is really cool and a lot of these tracks are hard to find individually, not to mention this compilation collects 10+ releases! If you're not looking for the tracks from the other artists on the splits, this is a very economic way to get the Coffins tracks without extensive costs and time lost tracking them down and purchasing them separately.

At least this will hold me over until I start frothing at the mouth, rabid for more Coffins material!

*Review and photos copyright The Samnambulist, 2015*

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