Thursday, May 14, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Bestial Evil "Infectious Cross" EP

Things were getting confusing with my Extermination Angel 2015 Demo Review, so here's my content regarding Bestial Evil in its own post to signify clearly that it is a separate entity from Extermination Angel.

Right, so as previously mentioned, Shawn, formerly of Extermination Angel, is now in Bestial Evil. They have a 2 song EP. It's very raw-sounding and uncompromising. I feel "From Carnage To Cannibals" has a nice evil solo about halfway through (1 min in). After a few listens, I prefer "Draconian Imperium;" it takes a bit longer to get rolling after playing with an intro riff for about 50 seconds (of a 3 minutes song) but the pay-off is worth it for a super-cool, almost Impetigo-like delivery and riff that follows.

Bestial Evil is playing at the Sidebar for MDF 2015 (which I will be attending) on Sunday the 24th so if I can make that particular show, I shall and will review accordingly. 

*Review copyright The Samnambulist, 2015*

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