Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sacrifice Pt 2 (Saxon live)

So SAXON has released a new beast on the world, with their 2013 release, "Sacrifice." It has been kicking my ass since I bought it at the show.

Regarding the CD: the production is tight and heavy, but don't worry it doesn't feel clinical, just that the producer knew what he/she/it was doing. Stand out tracks are 'Sacrifice' 'Made In Belfast' and 'Wheels of Terror' though 'Waiting in a Queue' gets humor points.

Regarding the show: the set list was picked by a fan, as there was some contest on the Saxon facebook that I missed. Whoever arranged it, the set was KILLER! They opened with 'Sacrifice' followed by 'Wheels of Terror' and it wasn't long before we shared some of the "Power & the Glory." The band was in excellent form and was extra-energetic.

Fozzy opened, which to my dismay and confusion did NOT involve any muppets. Fozzy is a little to soft for me, they seem to always 'almost' make it, but that's just my taste. I WILL say that they put EVERYTHING into their live show, they were interacting constantly with fans, jumping all over the place, and in general having great showmanship. So if a non-fan is saying they are great live, I suggest that any fan gets their hide to a Fozzy show, poste-haste!

The show was at BB Kings Bar & Grill which I like as a venue except for the fact that you get major bottle-necking trying to exit and if you sit at a table (optional) there's some annoying minimum purchase required ($15, I think?). On the other hand, they get and I have seen some great acts there, including Morbid Angel, Grave, Dark Funeral (one show!) and The Minions of Gozer (a Ghostbusters Shadowcast, you should see them!).

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