Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nocturno Culto new solo release!

It came to my attention today that Ted Skjellum AKA Nocturno Culto (notably of Norwegian Metal band Darkthrone) will release a solo album via Peaceville Records on Oct 28th 2013! See the link for details as I am too busy cleaning the shit out my pants since I heard about this! For those of you unfamiliar, Nocturno Culto has also been busy with the Sarke, in which he provides vocals. Though he took no credit for song-writing on the 1st album, the riffs suit him quite a bit. Since Sarke (with Nocturno!!!) are playing Maryland Deathfest this year (2014), this is the year of Nocturno! Ted had also been busy this summer trying to fund a film idea, 'SAGA,' a biker-chick-zombie-viking-Heavy Metal film. Yeah, that awesome. Co-written by and starring Nocturno. How this didn't get enough funding, I don't know except that it was poorly advertised. I contributed, but alas, not enough money was raised to start filming. Hopefully, this year's MDF appearance and sales of his album will help funding but artists make precious little on their releases so it will probably only put food on his table. One can hope, though...

I would also recommend to all readers interested in the Norwegian Black Metal scene to view Nocturno Culto's film "The Misanthrope" which is available on DVD and in a CD/DVD set with the soundtrack (written by Nocturno) included. I have the CD/DVD set and suggest it, the music is great eerie ambient electronica. The film itself has a heavy David Lynch vibe at times, alternating with a very honest, simple, fly-on-the-wall feel as the viewer watches Nocturno go about his business ice-fishing with members of Enslaved, seeing Gallhammer in Japan, and having a Tyrant Syndicate (his now-defunct label co-operated by Fenriz) 'meeting' which amounted to a gathering of Norwegian Metal legends gathering around a fire and talking. Do not miss Apollyon pissing on the fire, hilarity ensues! If you found "Until The Light Takes Us" interesting, I you MUST see "The Misanthrope" to see what life is currently like for Nocturno and friends.

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