Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DOA Live in NYC for last time (sort of) Sept 13 2013

I am a recent fan of DOA (about 10 months) though I've heard them spoken of often and highly by sources I trust. Anyway, this tour was intended as a farewell party as founding member Joey Shithead is going to run for office in Canada next election season. Here's what I love about DOA: they do indeed back their talk with action (they have an album named for it), they are proud of their influences (Joey had  a Pink Floyd sticker on his guitar and is also a big Bob Dylan fan, for example), and, finally, they know how to ROCK! So many artists the world over (myself included!) have a hard time composing songs that are dynamic but in what I consider true rock form, DOA always delivers. The songs go somewhere; there is tension built and released, structured progression of notes and volume, etc. The newest DOA cuts on "We Come In Peace" are no exception so if are already like them, I think you dig it. If you've never listened to them, this is a great place to start!

Hopefully we can look forward to more DOA shows in the future, though I want Joey to have as much positive influence on this world as he can (and so should we all) so I will try to keep perspective in mind. DOA can be full of surprises though, take this show for example: it was supposed to be their last NY show (held at Brooklyn's Europa Club, which has hosted the Casualties, the English Dogs, Antisect, and many other great acts!) but there was a secret 2nd show at the Grand Victory right after (I didn't go, subway travel was FUBAR, I was a tired old man at an ancient 26 years of age, and Grand Victory shows have always started WAY late for both shows I've seen there (Koffin Kats and Gene Loves Jezebel) though the venue is intimate and loud).

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