Sunday, March 24, 2013

Music Care and Protection Materials- Recommended Site

They sell all sorts of music archival and care products.

Due to an overwhelming hoard of musical treasures, I decided to look into some protection and storage options. Specifically for this review, I decided to remove all the jewel cases from applicable CDs and replace with plastic sleeves to decrease the amount of space my CDs consume. This is especially important in my tiny Brooklyn, NY apartment. Since I MUST save all relevant artwork, INCLUDING the back art, regular CD booklets and most sleeves do not allow this. After searching around the internet for 5x6 in sleeves, finding several independent stores and ebay sellers, etc., I discovered Sleeve City USA. After perusing the website, the company's mission statements, satisfaction guarantee, and so forth, I decided to order some sleeves.

I ordered 25 bags of 100 sleeves to cover my collection and leave me about 500 extra. The order shipped EXTREMELY quickly and arrived precisely as they described. Shipping charges were exactly what it cost them at the post office. The cost of the sleeves was cheaper per unit than anywhere else on the internet that I could find, however the company offered an ADDITIONAL reduction in price for orders over 5 units. Oh bliss and satisfaction, I found ye here. There total price cost me about $99 with shipping, whereas about 2000 would have cost me around $150 WITHOUT shipping.

Order from these guys if you need any of their products!

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