Sunday, March 24, 2013

1st "Agent Cooper" moment of the day

As suggested by my hero, Agent Cooper in the TV Series, "Twin Peaks," once a day, treat yourself, whether it be a new tie or a cup of coffee. Don't plan it, just let it happen.

Today's was a cup of Celestial Seasonings 'Lemon Zinger' tea with a drop of honey added, served with Bora Bay (artificial) banana flavored thin crisps. I am usually a loud opponent of artificial banana flavors (Runts be gone!) but this was acceptable and added to the flavor.

On the topic of Twin Peaks, for those of you Peaks Freaks in Readerland that don't already have it, pick up the Gold Edition of the series, it is worth every cent and has everything you need (except the TP:FWWM film), including BOTH versions of the pilot and ALL Log Lady intros. The volume of the episodes is still jumpy (probably moreso than on the VHS if memory serves) but that's David Lynch's preferred way to present it, from near inaudible admissions to near-painful blasts.

Right, to the treats for me!

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