Friday, March 22, 2013

Horror Vacui (Band review)

Horror Vacui (Italy)- Death Rock
 The Sheriff - vocals
Andrew - Guitar
Mrs. Vacui - Guitar
Pandora - Bass
Henry - Drums

SOUNDS LIKE: Chameleons (UK), Nosferatu (UK), Christian Death/Rozz Williams (California, USA).
The guitars have the great catchiness of The Chameleons, Nosferatu, and Christian Death with the masterful use of effects that The Chameleons possess. Heavy atmospheres as per Chameleons and Rozz Williams' early Christian Death work. The song structures are similar to all three aforementioned bands in that they are direct and on the simpler side which makes for straight-forward listening. The band takes a strong and clear stance against fascism, sexism, and racism which is greatly appreciated by yours truly. The lyrics are good, not as obscure as Chameleons or Christian Death, but I like them better than Nosferatu's limited (though enjoyable!) fare. As for a criticism, the songs are a bit similar in sound, but the same can be said for Nosferatu I think. I contacted the band to order the live album, they are SUPER-friendly and I had no problems getting it shipped from Italy to USA. I recommend getting some releases from the band and ordering the full-length from HPGD (expect positive of many of their releases from me in the future!), I will closely be following this group for sure!!!

Black Rivers (demo)- CD, 2011
Can You Still See Reality- 7", 2011
In Darkness You Will Feel Alright- debut full-length CD, 2011
(Full-length available at

A tape is available from the band that combines the LP and 7" as well as a live show from December 2012. To obtain, contact the band on their fb at

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