Sunday, July 7, 2013

Agent Cooper Moment July 1 2013

Due to some circumstances of scheduling, I found myself hungry and in search of sustenance in the Union Square area of Manhattan. As I had been craving kielbasa for about a week prior and since I knew of a place of good reputation in the area that served such stuff, I made a stop at Little Poland. Their Yelp page can be found here:

 I ordered one of the specials, which included 2 pieces of kielbasa boiled then finished on the grill and wrapped in x1 piece of bacon each, along with soup (I got borsch) and x2 'veggies' (I ordered potato salad and sauerkraut). It was, excuse me, DAMN FINE food, Diane. The preparation of the kielbasa was ideal, not to mention high quality. The borsch was good, with a higher amount of veggie content than I am used to, more like I would expect of a beef stew but that someone had exchanged a letter to be a beet stew. The potato salad was more good and not at all disappointing but was not remarkable. The sauerkraut was, however, as it was a bit more on the sweet side and had carrots which made it a bit different for me, as I am accustomed to more straight cabbage and onion varieties. The service was good and fast, though admittedly I was there at about 4 PM with only about four other customers present.
NOTE: for you vegetarians and vegans out there, options here seemed very limited from my quick perusal of the menu.


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