Friday, November 4, 2016

ALBUM REVIEW: Quorum- "Another World" (2015)

HEADLINE: Russians Channel Sputnik to Smoothly Launch Space-bound Prog Rock(et) Past Exosphere

As I've been mentally off-planet for some time, there's been no reviews, recipes, rantings, ravings, or referendums of any kind. It's time to get grounded! Let's do so by visiting "Another World"
by Russian Spacey Prog Rock outfit, Quorum.

If an H.P. Lovecraft character
 ever summoned benevolent Elder Gods,
 it might look something like this album cover

*Author's Note: I am not very knowledgeable about music in this genre; my knuckles hang too low. Sure, I've got the odd Pink Floyd or Hawkwind album, but I'm not at the Henry Rollins-level of King Crimson worship. I'm more at the Dean Venture-level. That said, if this review does gets you interested in Quorum, EXCELLENT. If this review fails to do so, I ask that you forgive my inept ramblings and check them out anyway.

Handy Russian<->English translations!

Spaceship Quorum cargo, detailed inventory:
  1. Snow- a windy sample introduces this poppy, yet heavy, space trek. It's got a solid and soaring rhythmic drive. If Uriah Heep (the band, not the Dickens character) played on Hawkwind's equipment, it would sound kinda like this song. Also, the vocal melodies remind me of FM's "Phasors on Stun."
  1. Another World- the title (and longest) track opens with an acoustic guitar intro that rips into a searing solo. To me, this complex track sounds like Richie Blackmore and a '90's Tangerine Dream jamming with Pink Floyd's rhythm section, circa Dark Side Of The Moon. Around 10 minutes in there's a heavy, Uriah Heep-type guitar transition before the song's tender conclusion. 

  2. Behold- sounds like early Beatles mixed with late 70's Hard Rock. This track is the most unique to the band (read: I am having difficulty name-dropping here); there's lots of interesting twists on and progressions of the the riffs!

  3. '86- this track, my favorite on the album, has a bit of a Middle Eastern feel to my ears, probably it's the scale or some other technicality too complex to penetrate my Neanderthal skull. Anyway, it sounds like Egypt blasting off into space, propelled by furious keyboard work with some aggressive, hard guitar solo afterburners and Deep Purple retro rockets to land the track's conclusion.

  4. Then & Here- this energetic, string-driven track is CARRIED by some choice bass lines. It is the only track where the keys take an almost entirely supportive role, rather than competing for or dominating the lead.

  5. Motion- this aptly-named (and 2nd longest) track is very technical and heavy; there's lots of transitions and some surprise guitar effects and solid solos. This is my 2nd favorite track of the album! I'd say this is the Prog Rock auditory equivalent of a meteor shower pummeling through a nebula.

  6. Space Wanderer- sounding more like bigger-name American 70's rock, this track is a direct, more conventional, and pleasant album closer.

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