Sunday, September 20, 2015

ALBUM REVIEW: Hexx "No Escape" and "Under the Spell" (2015 Vinyl Re-Issues on Metal Blade)

This year, Metal Blade Records released a great treat- re-issues of Hexx's first two albums! I must admit, I wasn't too familiar with this band other than in name until the start of this year when the band came up in discussion with friends.

Anyway, Hexx is a really special and unique band in that they began as a Heavy/Power/Speed Metal band, progressed to include Thrash elements (comparable to Metal Church and Agent Steel, though to a lesser degree), then further developed into a Death Metal band. Of note, their latter line-up included Clint Bower, who's work in Abscess,The Ravenous, and Eatmyfuk I really admire. I'm so glad I discovered this band in time to catch these re-issues! For those of you cool enough to already be fans, these versions come in deluxe gatefolds and in several colors. All are VERY limited (mine are from a 200 copy run!). There's a bonus track from the demo of pre-Hexx band, Paradox on 'No Escape' and 'Under the Spell' has a live version of "Edge Of Death." The sound quality is excellent and has a distinct analog feel.

A detailed interview describing the band's history and releases can be found in the Chilean Death Metal only 'zine, 'Compilation Of Death' 3rd Issue, distributed in the USA by Hell's Headbangers.

 Hopefully, there will soon be vinyl reissues of my favorite releases by Hexx, "Quest For Sanity," "Watery Graves," and "Morbid Reality" to complete the set!

*Review and photos copyright The Samnambulist, 2015*

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