Friday, March 6, 2015


So this is a punk rock side-project of Fenriz from Darkthrone, released in 2015 but written in 1994. I had to order this straight from the Norwegian label, Neseblod Records, which has a lot of cool stuff available. Oh, the nailbiting as I hoped it wouldn't get lost in the mail! Thankfully it didn't and I am now the proud owner of 1 of 400 black vinyl versions of the EP. 100 came in clear vinyl, signed by Fenriz. I was too slow for that version!

Right, so as to the EP, it has just one song per side, with the A being "Rockemillion" and the B being "Conformist Nirvana." On the reverse of the sleeve, Fenriz describes the music as "just generic punk, not too hard, not too soft, not too fast, not too slow." We shall see, Fenriz.

"Rockemillion" is more complex than I expected, having an almost NWOBHM opening that quickly breaks to some simple chord progressions more recognizable as  simplified and "generic" 'punk rock.'  The song closes out with a heavier variation on the main riff, so again, much more composition and style to this song than I expected. The vocals are delivered in either a harsh bark or a more melodious singing, very reminiscent of something I'd expect on the second Isengard album! The production is raw as Necrohell, of course, so my approval is had in that department. As a comparison, I can hear similarities to Alexi Wildchild of Children of Bodom's punk side project, Kylähullut, but Regress FF is far harsher in the style and production, as well as more complex.

On to the B side, or track duece, we have "Conformist Nirvana." It opens with some feedback, followed by a nasty guitar riff made extra gritty by the dirty production. This one is on the quicker side and has more of the clean and melodious vocals, with some gritty barks and a screech here and there. A VERY catchy track. Overall has the intensity of a Negative Approach track mixed with a Discharge track. Don't miss the Tom G. Warrior "UGH!"

My only complaint with this release is that there isn't more music, haha!

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