Saturday, April 6, 2013

...And Now For Something COMPLETELY Different...

Different from the recent lack of posting, that is. I've been VERY busy lately, working on a new (1st finished) Susto track (Death Metal) for a planned EP, working on a new patch jacket (back finished, just a few more left on front for now), going to shows (such as April 5th's incredible show: Evil Army w support from Birth A.D, Brooklyn Militia, and Bomb Scare and March 30th's unbelievable show: Incantation with Evoken, Derketa, and Funerus), working extra late and extra hard, NOT sleeping, making cooking fails (velveeta and noodle casserole, why did you ever seem like a good idea???), committing a faux pas in a Santeria store, listening to and digitally transferring some Heavy Metal from my vinyl collection, watching Peter Cushing movies (Frankenstein Created Woman, House of Long Shadows), taking photos of knit creatures and learning to knit myself (I cannot yet), and (of course) having Agent Cooper moments. Expect some posts describing some of these events in detail and chronicling new ones. I also need to do a post reviewing the ENTIRE Hellraiser film series, The Hellbound Heart novella, and select comics. Maybe even some of the posters and soundtracks. Toys even. YES I am obsessed. ...I have such sights to show you...

Until then, keep vigilant faithful readers!

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